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S/3396 Antique Treen 19th Century Boxwood Lemon Squeezer

A lovely boxwood urn shaped lemon squeezer, having a top that unscrews revealing a long wood screw with a flat and rounded knob on the end to crush the lemon, which allows the juice to come from the spout at the bottom. These lemon squeezers are extremely difficult to find, and we have only had two in the past three years. They are extremely tactile and in boxwood have a lovely rich honey colour, beautiful finish and patination. The screw thread holding the top to the base, has been restored using a fine cotton thread, which is a perfectly acceptable way of making it a satisfactory fit, when wear through constant use has occurred.

Similar examples are illustrated on page 170 in Treen for the Table by Jonathan Levi.

7 in. (19 cm.) High
3 in. (8.5 cm.) Diameter English Circa 1860