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S/3992 Antique 19th Century Rosewood Veneered Mercurial Wheel Barometer

A good quality rosewood veneered mercurial wheel barometer, having a case that is intricately inlaid in boxwood, depicting scrolling leaves and flowers including a horse and swan. The top, with a broken pediment, has a brass urn finial above a hygrometer with a silvered thermometer below. The silvered dial, engraved in the traditional manner, has a setting hand and a bone knob for adjustments. The brass framed spirit level at the base is engraved, L. Luppi Hull, who was a member of the Luppi family of barometer makers of Hull, active in the mid 19th century. The barometer is in full working order and the rosewood veneer has a good colour retaining a patination.

40 in. (101.5 cm.) High
10 in. (26.5 cm.) Diameter English Circa 1840