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S/1775 Scottish Sycamore and Alder Bicker

A lovely Scottish bicker with alternate staves of sycamore and alder and bound with willow. Reference: Treen for the Table by J Levi page 80-82, in which it states, 'alternate staves of sycamore and alder, which has been stained dark brown by steeping the wood in a peat bog. The technical skill of its maker in producing such a perfect and water tight fit with the feathering, (as in this instance'), is quite remarkable. The staves are held together by tightly woven bands of willow'. An identical example is shown on page 80. The whole is in good condition with a patination.

Sold 4 in. (10 cm.) Wide
1 in. (4.5 cm.) High
Scottish Circa 1800