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S/2322 Antique Treen Oval Basket

A most unusual and well made oval treen basket having a fixed overhead handle. The sides are decorated with two rows of incised circles, flower heads and leaves. The basket has incised writing on each side filled with gold leaf, 'made by Wendel Christian Souvenir from Pitcairn Island' and on the base is written in ink, 'Drully? Chef Ranjitane E Jack Sessions Head Waiter M V (mail vessel) Ranjitane' and dated 08-02-(19)51. It also has written, 'Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again'. The basket was possibly made by a sailor when visiting the Pitcairn Islands.

Sold 8 in. (21.5 cm.) Wide
7 in. (19.5 cm.) Deep
7 in. (18 cm.) High
Pitcairn Islands Circa 1900