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S/2419 Antique Treen 19th Century Fruitwood Chatelaine

An extremely rare chatelaine, amazingly carved from a single piece or pieces of fruitwood in the manner of a Welsh love token. The revolving caged finial is above a circular platform with four separate chains with a loose collar, terminating in a further platform through which the chains individually proceed and ending in a bone seal (a token of friendship), an X cross (to ward off evil), an anchor (of the soul, sure and steadfast against adversity or sometimes a new start with hope), and finally a caged ball (when used as a love token it suggests just a single child). The whole is in fine condition and of a good colour and patination.

Provenance: Ex. Jonathan Levi Collection, purchased from his son David Levi.

Sold 11 in. (28 cm.) High
1 in. (4.5 cm.) Diameter Welsh Circa 1850