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S/2939 Antique Treen 19th Century Mahogany Pill Making Machine

A solid mahogany 19th century chemist's pill making machine, which was used in the following manner: the pill mass, previously prepared in a mortar, was rolled into the correct diameter lengths and placed on the grooved plate; it was cut and divided by pressing downwards and sliding the top section back and forth; they were then rounded by rotating them in a pill rounder and then when hard, silvered. The whole has a good rich colour and patination.

Slide dimensions: 18 in. (47 cm.) Wide, 2 in. (6.5 cm.) Deep, 1 in. (4 cm.) High

Sold 8 in. (21.5 cm.) Wide
13 in. (33 cm.) Deep
1 in. (4 cm.) High
English Circa 1840