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S/3225 Antique Treen Early 17th Century Beech Spoon

A rare early 17th century beech spoon, very much in the manner of silver seal top spoons made in the Elizabethan Period and onwards. Many items of treen, especially for the table, resembled the silver equivalent in design, such as castors, salts and spoons as in this instance. It is well stained through use, having an X carved near the base of the handle, probably the mark of the owner, as was often the case in the Navy, so that sailors could recognise their own spoons and eating bowls etc. A similar one is illustrated in 'Before the Mask' The Mary Rose Excavation.

Sold 6 in. (17 cm.) Wide
2 in. (6.5 cm.) Deep
in. (2 cm.) High
English Circa 1620