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S/4294 Antique Early 19th Century Downhearth Bar Grate Hastener

An extremely fine example of an early 19th century downhearth bargrate food hastener or plate warmer, which came in various forms and usually made of tin or wrought iron, that over the years rusted and were disguarded, hence they are considered a rare item today to have survived. This example is unusual because of the repousse brass hood and therefore it must have been made for an important manor house kitchen, as a really expensive item. They were used for cooking purposes, the joint resting on the interior bars, with no doubt a pan under to catch the fat. Some designs had a hole in the top for a bottle jack, so that the meat revolved, also a door at the back to inspect how the cooking was proceeding. It has recently unpolished brass that has gained a most pleasing colour and patination.

Sold 20 in. (51 cm.) Wide
10 in. (25.5 cm.) Deep
23 in. (59.5 cm.) High
English Circa 1820