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S/923 Early Nineteenth Century Mahogany Wheel Barometer

The mahogany case, edged with a double line of boxwood and ebony stringing, has an architectural pediment centered with an ivory finial and is fitted with a thermometer below, above a circular 8 inch silvered and engraved dial, with a central brass knob and adjustable brass setting hand.

The dial is inscribed: C. J. Schalfino Taunton Waranted, and is decorated with a Masonic star symbol and a crescent moon.

The case is inlaid at the top and base with burnished boxwood and sycamore and has an oval shell motif to either side of the base of the thermometer with conforming inlay. The works are restored and in full working order.

Schalfino was a prolific maker and many of his barometers feature main dials engraved with Masonic signs and emblems. It is thought that he was known as John Schalfino.

Sold 10 in. (25.5 cm.) Wide
38 in. (97 cm.) High
English Circa 1840