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S/930 Nineteenth Century Marine Stick Barometer in a Rosewood Case

The rosewood case, with a rounded top and fitted with a brass plate and ring, is above a glazed door, which encloses the ivory register plate with an adjustable setting slide. The concealed mercurial tube is behind a glazed thermometer and the case terminates in a circular brass cistern cover with a screw base for setting the height above sea level. The whole is in good working condition and inscribed: J. Imray & Son 102 Minories London and fitted with a replaced brass gimble.

James Imray was born in Spitalfields, England, in 1803, the son of a Jacobite dyer. He was a leading maker of sea charts in the mid to late nineteenth century and was well known for his 'blueback charts'. Imray established himself as a bookseller and bookbinder at 116 Minories Street, where he shared offices with the nautical chart publisher Robert Blanchford. In 1836 he formed a partnership with Robert Blanchford and due to his marketing skills this joint venture flourished with much increased sales.

In 1846 Imray bought out Blanchford's share and in 1850 the firm relocated to 102 Minories. His son James Frederick Imray joined as a full partner in 1854 at the age of twenty five. James Imray died in 1870, and although the business continued under his son, the output declined due to the Admiralty producing better and more accurate charts. In 1899 James Imray & Son merged with their rivals Norie and Wilson and the firm continues to this day as Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson.

Sold 2 (6.5 cm.) Wide
37 in. (94 cm.) High
English Circa 1865