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S/1376 Frankfurt Am Main by Henry Schafer

Fl: Circa 1870-1900

Oil on Canvas
Signed and titled (18)79; also signed and inscribed with the title on reverse

Canvas size: 12x10 in. (30.5x15.5 cm.)
Frame size : 20x18 in. (51x46 cm.)

In Period Gilded Frame

Henry Schafer lived in Islington and painted in both oil and watercolour; he was probably of French birth and was painting at the end of the Victorian period. He specialised in town scenes and historic buildings in the area of Northern France, Belgium and Holland in a style resembling that of Alfred Montague, the well known artist who specialised in coastal scenes and townscapes.

Henry Schafer was a prolific artist and many of his paintings were of poor quality, as later in life he fell into debt and produced hurried works! He could however execute fine quality and detailed pictures, as in this instance and these have appreciated greatly over the last few years and will no doubt continue to do so!

Some of his works were signed and occasionally dated, also inscribed as to the whereabouts of the scene on the reverse. As there is little information as to his lifestyle, it is not recorded whether he ever exhibited in any of the London or Provincial Galleries.