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S/1635 19th Century Doulton Copper Ware Loving Cup

A good example of a Doulton copper ware loving cup, which when made was painted with a copper lustre on a hard silicon stoneware body, to simulate a riveted copper loving cup with a dented body. The silver rim is hallmarked London 1893.

As well as copper ware items, the factory in Lambeth also made simulated leather black jacks, mugs and tankards, sometimes with dates of the 17th century.

Many items were made for the firm of John Martlock, china dealers in Oxford Street, London and bear their name as well as the Doulton mark.

Sold 8 in. (20.5 cm.) Wide
7 in. (18 cm.) High
4 in. (12 cm.) Diameter English Circa 1893