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S/2037 Antique Treen Early 17th Century Field Burr Maple Mortar

An extremely fine early 17th century English field burr maple mortar, having an associated pestle. In the early 17th century maple was used by wood turners and was often used to make items associated with preparation and consumption of food. Often items were stained with aqua fortis. The mottled black/brown is caused by the acid, which stains the wood in a colour from bright yellow to deep brown, depending on the strength of the application, as in this instance.

The mortar has a shallow lipped and rounded rim above two incised lines. The body is made from well figured burr wood of an amazing red brown colour, and the bowl is raised on an angled base with a vertical channel between two protruding beads. The whole has a wonderful colour and patination throughout.

We would like to thank Adam Bowett, the author ot Woods in British Furniture Making 1400-1900, for his help in researching this mortar.

Sold 6 in. (16.5 cm.) High
6 in. (16.5 cm.) Diameter English Circa 1620