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S/2369 Antique Treen Transylvanian Shepherd's Drinking Cup

A beautifully carved shepherd's drinking cup, from Padurani near Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania in Romania. Present day population of the area is 80% Romanian and 18% Hungarian. At the time of this cup was made Transylvania belonged to Hungary and was therefore part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Shepherd's worked in fives, sixes or tens and when away they would pick up a piece of wood and make these cups along with knife handles, tally sticks, boxes, caskets, salt cellars and looking glass frames. The designs were usually geometrical, as in this fine example, and in some districts they would darken these items with a mixture of fat and charcoal which was then smoked. It is interesting to note this cup has darkened areas too.

The whole is attractively carved and retains a good patination.

Provenance: Ex collection of the Cluj-Napoca Ethnographical Museum, illustrated on page 27 of Peasant Art in Romania by George Oprescu, published in 1929.

Sold 6 in. (16.5 cm.) Wide
3 in. (7.5 cm.) High
3 in. (8.5 cm.) Diameter Romanian Circa 1820