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S/2664 Antique Georgian Cow Horn Scrimshaw

An extremely interesting horn scrimshaw, engraved with an animal, name, figure and date of 1800. We believe it was used as a powder flask, but has been cut and altered into a drenching horn for treating animals, hence the head of the animal is now missing.

Research has been undertaken and the following has been discovered: it is probably that Charles Flintoft was born in 1793 and died on the 29th July 1812, and came from North Cave York. His tall hat, embellished with GR and pony tail, would suggest that he was a marine in The Royal Navy (Davy), although we have failed to find him as a sailor. Many soldiers were accosted into the navy as marines.

Sold 12 in. (30.5 cm.) Wide
2 in. (6 cm.) Deep
English/Irish Circa 1800