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S/2938 Limers Lane, Bideford, North Devon by Edward Eyres Simmons

Fl: 1881-1914

Signed, titled on reverse, priced at 8 (pounds) - 8 (shillings) - 0

Watercolour size: 9.75x16.75 in. (25x42.5 cm.)
Frame size: 19x25.50 in. (48.5x65 cm.)

Edward Eyres Simmons is recorded as a landscape, costal and figure painter, who was married to Vesta S. Simmons, an artist of St. Ives, Cornwall. There seems to be very little information recorded about this well known and highly regarded artist.

They were living in Paris in 1881, and Concarneau, Finistere in 1882, moving to London in 1886, St. Ives, Cornwall in 1887, Cardisland, Hereford in 1902, and returning to Ruan Minor, Cornwall in 1913. He exhibited in London and the provincial galleries, and for such a competently executed watercolour, it is surprising that no further information seems to be available, and he is surely an artist of further detailed research.

Exhibited: 1881-1914

8 Dudley Gallery
6 Royal Academy
5 Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
3 Royal Society of British Artists
3 Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts
2 Royal Institute of Oil Painters
2 Manchester City Art Gallery
2 Dowdeswell Galleries
1 Grosvenor Gallery