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S/3155 Antique 17th Century Wrought Iron Oil Crusie

A good example of a Cornish or Scottish 17th century double wrought iron oil crusie, having its original S shaped spike and hook. It has a removable crusie above a fixed one, which is attached to the frame. The whole is in good and original condition throughout.

These crusie lamps were known in the Shetlands as collies and in Cornwall as chills. The oil was usually fish oil, from cod, hake, ling or herring, and the wicks were of pith or hemp. They burnt with an offensive smell and their use is generally associated with the humbler dwellings.

Sold 3 in. (7.5 cm.) Wide
5 in. (13.5 cm.) Deep
6 in. (15 cm.) High
English/Scottish Circa 1680