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S/2285 Antique Treen 18th Century Dated Scandinavian Fruitwood Mangle Board

A good 18th century Scandinavian fruitwood mangle board, having five circles of carved hexagonal decoration and a handle depicting the Dala Horse in the usual manner, with various carved initials and dated Anno 1757.

Having washed articles, they were wrapped around a long roller which was run back and forth on a flat surface by the firm downward pressure of a mangle board, held at right angles above the roller.

They can be found painted and decorated as well as polished, and when not in use hung on the wall of the living room or outside the entrance door, to denote the washing had been finished.

Sold 26 in. (66 cm.) Wide
4 in. (10 cm.) Deep
5 in. (13 cm.) High
Scandinavian Circa 1757