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S/3670 Antique Treen Georgian Fisherman's Companion in Boxwood

A rare fisherman's companion in boxwood, having six winders on the outer circle, which is made in a single piece. At the top the finial unscrews to release the centre section, which comprises four cylindrical screw thread boxes for hooks and weights, the bottom one has a fixed double spool. It is an extremely well made item and according to Pinto, one was illustrated on an 18th century trade card, which was in the Evan-Thomas Collection. The whole has a lovely honey colour, is in fine condition and has a good patination, with its original papier mache polished case.

For reference see Pinto page 267 illustrated on plate 286.

Sold 5 in. (14 cm.) High
1 in. (4 cm.) Diameter English Circa 1800