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S/3792 Antique 19th Century Ash and Elm Clissett Spindleback Chair

A delightful spindleback chair in ash with an elm seat, and of a design by Philip Clissett (1817-1913). An identical chair stamped P.C. is illustrated on plate 45, page 296 in The English Regional Chair by Bernard Cotton.

Plilip Clissett was a Victorian country chairmaker who influenced and inspired the English Arts and Crafts Movement. His chairs were popular in his day, and collected in the present time. He made chairs in the West Midlands tradition, turning the parts from fresh, unseasoned ash with a pole lathe. Other parts were sawn and shaped with a drawknife while held in a shave horse. Seats were generally made from an elm board, or from woven rush. While rush seated ladderback chairs are his most well known output, he also made spindleback chairs which are often stamped with his initials. Clissett is often referred to as a bodger, but this is incorrect as he made entire chairs rather than just turned parts.

Sold 17 in. (44.5 cm.) Wide
13 in. (33 cm.) Deep
33 in. (84 cm.) High
English Circa 1860