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S/3977 Antique Treen 19th Century Arbutus Wood Cribbage Board

A most unusual arbutus wood cribbage board of curved design with scoring pegs, and having a circular handle protruding to one end. Unusually it stands on four U shaped chamfered carved feet and is carved with initials W & P on the board underside, all made from a single piece of arbutus wood.

There are about 20 species of arbutus wood distributed across the world. It thrived in South West Ireland in County Kerry, the extreme South West of County Cork and is abundant in the woods around Killarney. In Irish it is called caithne and cuince, but the English name is strawberry tree on account of its strawberry like flower, and is popular with gardeners because of its ability to fruit and flower at the same time. The whole has a lovely rich colour, grain and patination.

Sold 12 in. (31 cm.) Wide
1 in. (4 cm.) Deep
1 in. (4 cm.) High
Irish Circa 1820