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S/3991 Antique 19th Century Carved Oak Mercurial Stick Barometer by Francis Linsell West

Francis Linsell West worked at 34 Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, London, between 1859-1885. He was an optician, mathematical and philosophical instrument maker, and a Member of the Guild of Spectacle Makers between 1859-1885.

The extensively carved pediment in the Gothic Ecclesiastical taste compliments the remainder of the case, which has glazed enclosed register plates with an adjustable vernier pointer. The similarly enclosed thermometer has Fahrenheit and Reaumur scales. The enclosed cistern is covered by a carved oak roundel and the whole is of a lovely medium colour and patination.

N.B. For similar barometers see 'Stick or Cistern Tube Barometers' by Edwin Banfield, page 136.

Sold 7 in. (19 cm.) Wide
44 in. (113 cm.) High
English Circa 1875