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S/4029 Antique Early 19th Century Coconut Bugbear

An extensively fine dated coconut bugbear, intricately scratched carved with various scenes, indicating a romantic attachment, and probably carved by a sailor, as more deeply carved examples were considered to be done by Napoleonic prisoners of war. The carving depicts two hearts each inscribed John Evans May 1816 and Ann Blimping May 1816, joined by a garland of leaves. There is a two storey house with trees and love birds inscribed Granery and a topsail schooner with flying fish and another vessel in the background. It is the finest example we have seen in recent years. The whole has a good rich colour and excellent patination.

Sold 4 in. (11 cm.) Wide
3 in. (9.5 cm.) Diameter English Circa 1816