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S/4028 Antique Set of Four Oak Late 16th / Early 17th Century Dutch / German Carved Panels from the Book of Esther

A rare set of four oak late 16th / early 17th century Dutch / German intricately carved panels from the Book of Esther, depicting scenes with King Xerxes, Queen Vashti and Mordecai.

Haman has the gallows built seventy five feet high to hang Mordecai, size 17x13 in. (43x33 cm.)

Esther pleads with the King Xerxes for Mordecai, a guard stands with an axe, size 15x12 in. (38x30.5 cm.)

Haman leads Mordecai on the horse through the city, size 17x13 in. (43x33 cm.)

Esther and Mordecai at the banquet with the king whilst Haman is hung hung on the gallows, size 15x12 in. (38x30.5 cm.)

The set have a rich dark colour and retain a patination. The backs have been reduced, sanded off and polished at sometime in the past.

Sold Dutch / German Circa 1580-1620