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S/3543 Antique 19th Century Needlework Worked by Jane Keates

An early Victorian needlework worked by Jane Keates of Cheadle in Cheshire, aged 11 and dated June 23rd 1840, comprising of a verse to Jesus above a bird on a branch, surrounded by leaves and flowers. The whole is surrounded by individual trees, flowers, plants and a crown with the word Queen beneath, which no doubt was on everybody's minds, as Victoria was only crowned three years before hand. It is signed and dated at the base, with the whole surrounded by a continuous floral zig zag border. The needlework is in good condition, although slightly stained, which is often found in needleworks of this age.

Needlework size: 19.50x15.25 in. (49.5x39 cm.)

Sold 18 in. (46.5 cm.) Wide
22 in. (57 cm.) High
English Circa 1840