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S/4104A Antique Treen 19th Century Birch Springerle Biscuit Mould

A multiple design 19th century birch Springerle biscuit mould, having small carved panels which were for making Springerle and speculaas, traditional European biscuits, particularly famous about Christmas time in both Germany and The Netherlands. They were originally made in Germany from the 14th century and The Netherlands from the 15th century right up to the modern day. Designs were based on birds, animals and flowers and these were more suitable to be used at any time of year, as in this instance. The whole has a pleasing pale honey colour and retains a patination.

Sold 3 in. (8.5 cm.) Wide
4 in. (10 cm.) Deep
in. (1.25 cm.) High
German/Dutch Circa 1840