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S/4143 Antique Treen 19th Century Oak Goblet

A well turned historical oak goblet, having a slightly flared rim above two stepped bands. The whole is raised on a stepped and banded stem with a central knop above a flared rounded and stepped base. This goblet was turned from the timber of a 14th century house in Dunfermline Scotland, which was demolished in 1876. An original label on the base reads, 'Oak from Danish Ambassador's House Dunfermline 14th Century. The whole has an excellent colour, grain and patination.

1876 - The Old Town House, the last town council meeting was held in the Old Town House, on December 13th. 1875; operations for the removal of the building began on January 21st. 1876, and it was entirely cleared away by June, when the New Town House buildings were commenced. For view of the Town House just removed, see Annals of Dunfermline, dates 1795, 1769 and 1793. The old private houses on the west side of the Kirkgate, and south of the Town House, began to be taken down at the same time. These houses, five in number, were very common place ones, excepting the one in the centre of the group, which was pended or arched in the under apartment and until 1824, had a pended door way entrance to the Kirkgate; from the time immemorial, this house was known as 'the Danish Ambassador's House'.

Sold 7 in. (19 cm.) High
3 in. (9.5 cm.) Diameter Scottish Circa 1876