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S/4226 Antique 19th Century Fruitwood Lace Maker's Stool

Upon further research and discussion, we have decided that this is probably a lace maker's stool, as there is a worn and what appears to be an original hole in the centre of the top. We suggest that this held a removable rush light holder, as one finds in wall mounted examples with a spike. This could then be inserted when in use for lighting and removed for carrying or when in use as a small stool. The solid fruitwood top, of rounded form, is raised on four square, tapered and chamfered out swept legs, which would then make it more suitable for holding a rush light. The whole has a good colour and patination.

Sold 8 in.(20.5 cm.) Wide
6 in. (16 cm .) Deep
6 in. (16.5 cm.) High
English Circa 1820