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S/4241 Antique Treen 19th Century Boxwood Apothecary's Double Measure

A well turned boxwood apothecary's double measure, which were made in silver and pewter as well as boxwood and came in various different sizes. Sometimes they have numbers stamped on them, with the largest size 8S. The most common size was 5S, which was used to make soda water, the larger cup for the bicarbonate and the smaller one for the citric acid. These measures were also used for seidlitz mixture, which was used to regulate digestion and as a laxative. This example is a slightly different shape to the majority of them, as it is more bowl shaped and rounded, which adds to its attraction. It has a variegated honey colour, owing to use and a pleasing patination.

Sold 4 in. (10 cm.) High
2 in. (6 cm.) Diameter English Circa 1820