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S/4276 Antique 19th Century Set of Three Copper Haystack Imperial Measures

A fine set of three matching graduating copper haystack imperial measures, quart, pint and half pint, which are all stamped with a lead customs and excise stamp, a crown and V.R. for Victoria Rex. An oval plate is also attached reading Farrow and Jackson, Tower St. London. They are in remarkably good condition, with a brass keyed seam on the body under the handle and no solder repairs. Farrow and Jackson were established in 1798 and based at 16 Tower Street, London EC1, and became a private limited company in 1897. Named for their haystack shape, they were first used in England in the 18th century to measure ale, cider and other spirits in pubs and coaching inns. They range in size from a quarter gil to ten gallons and always have the size stamped in the front or side of the pitcher, as in this instance.

6 in. (15 cm.) High
6.25 in. (16 cm.) Diameter

5 in. (13 cm.) High
5 in. (13 cm) Diameter

Half Pint:
4 in. (10 cm.) High
4 in. (10cm.) Diameter

Sold English Circa 1850