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S/4368 Antique Treen 19th Century Sycamore Cheese Vat

An extremely good example of an early 19th century sycamore cheese vat, which were formerly known as chessels or chessets. In the Wensleydale area they were known as chesfords. They vary in diameter from 5.5 inches to 18 inches. After the curd had developed the necessary acidity it was drained of the whey and salt was added. It was then transferred to a chessel to drain through the weep holes, which are placed at regular intervals as in this instance. After this, it was transferred to a cheese press. This example is in excellent condition, has a wonderful colour and retains a patination, and carved with the initial D on the base.

Sold 3 in. (9 cm.) High
10 in. (26 cm.) Diameter English Circa 1820