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S/4412 Antique 19th Century Horn Snuff Box Inscribed John Brown

A rare engraved circular two colour horn snuff box, with a fitted lid, having a top perimeter inscribed John Brown, Martyred Charlestown, V.A. with the centre dated December 2nd MDCCCLIX, all enclosed within incised circles with sprays of leaves and centered with a triangle. The base is engraved with his full sized face, hair and flowing beard, surrounded by leafage.

John Brown was an anti slavery activist who was charged for conspiring with negroes to produce insurrection, treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia and murder. He was found guilty of all charges on the 31st. of October 1859 and sentenced to death. He was executed by hanging on December 2nd.

Sold in. (2 cm.) High
2 in. (7 cm.) Diameter American Circa 1859