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S/4550 Antique Early 19th Century Blond Whalebone Stay Busk

A most interesting and colourful blond whalebone stay busk, having all over intricate engraved designs contained in four panels, incorporating flower leaves, love birds, a heart under a tree with a sailing ship and various other motifs. The border, with a zig zag and diamond design, is all coloured in red and green pigments. It is a love token probably made by a sailor while serving on a whaling ship.

Stay busks were used from the mid 17th century to the middle of the 19th century. They were mostly made of wood and were inserted into the front opening of a lady's corset, stiffening it and permitting the lady to be tightly laced.

Sold 14 in. (36.5 cm.) Wide
1 in. (4 cm.) Deep
English Circa 1820