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S/4759 Antique Treen 19th Century Welsh Oak Knife Sharpening/ Polishing Board

A Welsh oak knife sharpening/polishing board, which were usually made of pine, so this is unusual made of oak and probably came from a manor house of importance. The well used board has a lidded box at the base for storing brick dust, grit stone or other abrasive substances. When a knife needed sharpening, the board was laid flat, covered in fat or dampened with water, and the abrasive substance was applied, then the knife would have been drawn over the mixture to sharpen or polish the blade. The whole has a good rich colour and retains a patination.

Sold 5 in. (13.5 cm.) Wide
4 in. (11.5 cm.) Deep
34 in. (87 cm.) High
Welsh Circa 1850