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S/5665 Antique Treen Mid 19th century Persian Pen Box

A fine mid 19th century Persian micro mosaic inlaid pen box or qalamdon, having a body of papier mache and extensively overlaid with an intricate design, consisting of bone and other indigenous woods. The pull out end drawer for pens is also made of papier mache, stained black and with gold coloured line decoration. The whole is in excellent undamaged condition, which is most unusual for these items, as usually they are not in such pristine condition. It has excellent colour and patination. Qalamdon is the name given for Persian pen boxes for the storing and carrying of pens and pencils.

Sold 1 in. (4.5 cm.) Wide
9 in. (23 cm.) Deep
1 in. (4 cm.) High
Persian Circa 1850