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S/5689 Antique Treen Victorian Jubilee Paper Knife 1837-1887

An interesting wooden paper knife having a shaped ebonised handle, titled 'Jubilee Paper Knife' depicting the Victorian era 1837-1887. On one side is a portrait of the Queen with all Royal H.R.H. members with their dates and details. On the other side is an extensive list of important events and their respective dates, giving detailed information and also the Parliaments, when they met and were then dissolved. Under that is a list of Prime Ministers from 1837 to 1886, with their years, dates and political parties. The knife is in exceptional condition and must have been kept in a cupboard or drawer out of sunlight and unused.

Sold 1 in. (3 cm.) Wide
13 in. (33 cm.) Deep
English Circa 1887