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S/5815 Antique Treen 19th Century Cherry Wood Osier, Willow or Withy Splitter

An interesting cherry wood osier (willow) splitter, having four sharp radiating fins at one end and a rounded handle to fit into the palm of ones hand. These splitters were pressed into the osier dividing it neatly into three or four sections, depending how many blades there were and were known as skeins. These tools were used by basket makers and their origin goes back to the dawn of history, with the craft found in all parts of the world beside river banks, wherever the various kinds of osiers (willow trees) grow. The whole has an excellent colour, grain and patination.

Reference: Pinto page 402, plate 425

Provenance: Desborough Collection

Sold 4 in. (12 cm.) High
2 in. (7 cm.) Diameter English Circa 1840