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S/5864 Antique Treen Scottish Sycamore and Alder Bicker of the Georgian Period

A good Scottish bicker with alternate staves of sycamore and alder and bound with willow. Reference: Treen for the Table by J Levi page 80-82, in which it states, 'alternate staves of sycamore and alder, which has been stained dark brown by steeping the wood in a peat bog. The technical skill of its maker in producing such a perfect and water tight fit with the feathering, (as in this instance'), is quite remarkable. The staves are held together by tightly woven bands of willow'. A similar example is shown on page 80. The whole is in good condition with a patination.

Sold 6 in. (16 cm.) Wide
3 in. (8.5 cm.) High
4 in. (12 cm.) Diameter Scottish Circa 1800