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S/5897 Antique Treen 18th Century Carved and Dated Cherry Wood Box

An extremely interesting extensively carved and dated twin lidded cherry wood box, which has a hinged octagonal compartment. The sides are stapled with brass wire and it has a vacant interior. The top has carved sharks teeth decoration surrounding a carved swept Catherine wheel. The square slightly tapered handle opens with two brass metal hinges, to expose another vacant interior, which at one time was divided lengthwise, and is secured with a brass hook and clasp. The top, with two panels of geometric diamond carving, is surrounded by quarter fan like decoration, and the punched date of 1784. All the sides are carved with lozenges surrounded by tooth decoration. It was possibly for scientific or medical instruments. The whole has an exceptional rich colour and excellent patination.

Provenance: Desborough Collection

Sold 12 in. (30.5 cm.) Wide
4 in. (10 cm.) Deep
2 in. (6 cm.) High
English Circa 1784