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Christmas Blog 2020


Further to our last Summer blog, here is our Christmas update from August last.  Having come out of lockdown, here we are again, sincerely hoping that from the beginning of December, we shall be able to open our gallery and resume business.  Thank goodness we have an active website, which has been supported by many of our clients, both old and new, so we are still making the trips to the Post Office several times each week.  Shepton Mallet and Westpoint fairs have been cancelled, so we have no fairs till 2021, when we hope things will get back to some sort of normality.  We are still managing to put at least one new item on this website each day, and we have obtained many new clients this year.  We now have 846 followers on our instagram page and 672 followers on twitter.  We are gaining more people all the time and each new item uploaded  on this website is tweeted.  We have found some exciting and affordable items during the year, so please visit this website or use the search box on our home page to see the selection, as an idea for Christmas.  We wish all our friends and clients a Healthy, Sociable and Happy Christmas, and here’s to hoping that in the New Year we can put 2020 behind us and move forward to more peaceful and sunny uplands.